Director: Manimaran

Music Director: Mervin Solomon, Vivek Shiva

Genre: Action

Release Date: 18 March 2016

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Movie Rating: U

  • Jai
  • Surabhi Lakshmi
  • Karunas Sethu
  • RJ Balaji


Pugazh is about a youngster, for whom the playground across his neighbourhood has remained an integral part of his life. When a political threat impinges upon the playground, which has been the source of happiness to the youngsters, its time for the protagonist to wake up for the situation of confrontations

Theater and Showtimes:
  • Abirami Cinemas Complex 10:50 AM, 02:35 PM, 06:35 PM, 10:35 PM
  • Amirtham Cinema 10:30 AM, 02:15 PM, 06:15 PM, 10:15 PM
  • INOX: Vishaal De Mall 11:45 AM, 03:00 PM,06:45 PM, 10:15 PM
  • Shanmuga Cine Complex 10:40 AM,02:30 PM,06:30 PM,10:30 PM
  • Tamil Jaya Cinema 10:00 AM,02:00 PM,06:00 PM,10:00 PM

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