Coronation Instruments
Analog Photo Electric Colorimeter 
Technical Data: 
Means of Spectral Isolation Built-in Five Germa Filters Opticals
Spectral Range 420, 490, 540, 580 & 650 nm.
Photo Detector  Japanese Photo-Diode
Read Out Paramagnetic moving coil, Galvanometer Calibrated in %T and O.D.
Accuracy ± 1% fsd
Sample Volume 1 ml only
Lamp Voltage 12V, Electronically Stabilized
Power Supply 230V, 50 Hz
Standard Accessories Five cuvettes, Spare bulb, Dust cover & Instruction Manual.
Digital Photo Electric Colorimeter 
Technical Data: 
Means of Spectral Isolation Built-in turret mounted German Optical Filters
Spectral Range 420, 490, 540,580 & 650 nm in CI-111 D5F 420, 490, 510, 540, 580, 620, 650 & 700nm in CI-111 D8F
Photo Sensor Photo Diode/ Photo Cell
Read Out 3.5 Digit 7 Segment Bright LED calibrated in Optical Density. 
Accuracy ± 1% FSD
Sample Volume Minimum 1ml. only
Light Source 12V, 4W
Power Supply 230V 50Hz.
Standard Accessories Five Cuvettes, One Spare bulb, Dust Cover & Instruction Manual
Technical Data 
Range pH mode - 0.01 to 14.00 pH continuous  
mV mode +1999mV to -1999mV
Accuracy pH mode ± 0.01 pH ± count   
mV mode ± 0.1% of full scale ± count
Display 7 Segment Digital Display
Function pH mV
Temperature Compensation 0 - 100°C Manual
Input impedance 10^12 ohms
Power Input 230V; 50 Hz
Accessories Instruction Manual, Dust Proof Cover
Conductivity Meter 
Technical Data: 
Range 0 - 20u mho, 200u mho,2m mho, 20m mho or Simians
Resolution 0.01u mho
Accuracy ± 0.5% FSD ± Digit
Cell Constant Compension 0.5 to 1.5
Accessories Instruction Manual, Dust Proof Cover
Digital Flame Photometer 
Technical Data: 
Read Out 3.5 Digit Red LED Display
Aspiration Time  30 sec Approx.
Minimum sample  5 ml
Sensitivity  Na; 2ppm   
K; 1ppm   
Ca;  20ppm   
Li; 20ppm
Filters Interference Filter for Sodium & Potassium. 
Power Supply 230V; 50Hz
Optional Calcium & Lithium filters
1. Digital Colorimeter
2. Digital Dissolved Oxygen Analyser
3. Water Analysing Kit
4. Digital Dual Display Flame Photo Meter
5. Digital Lab Analyser
6. Auto Analyser
7. Digital O.R.P. Meter
8. Digital Spectro Photo Meter
9. Semi Auto Analyser
10. Auto Analyser (Clinical Purpose)
11. Digital Hb Meter
12. B.O.D. Incubator
13. Densito Meter
14. Humidity Chamber
15. Water Flow Meter
16. Electronic Water Level Indicator
17. Brightness Tester
18. Digital Temperature Indicator
19. Digital Temperature Controller
20. Digital Turbidity Meter
21. DCorresion Testing Equipments
22. Pipe Testing Equipments
23. Brightness Tester
24. Water Test Equipments
25. Soil Testing Equipments