I  n  t e  r  n  e  t     B  r  o  w  s  i  n  g       C  e  n  t  r  e
                         Our Services
Internet Browsing
                        Video Mail(Nowhere in Madurai)
Printing(All type of DTP works)
           Live Snap(Unique feature
                     of Net Avenue)
                          Telnet, FTP( and many.....)
                       Net avenue has now completed it's 2nd year and successfully stepping in to 3rd year on                  " NOVEMBER 1st ".On this Happy Occasion, it offers FREE BROWSING..COME AND AVAIL THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!!          

Net Avenue
12 A, 122, Aparna Towers,Bypass Road, Madurai-625 010.
Contact No : 98421 53177,E-mail: netavenue@eth.net

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