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   List of services provided by our organization
Fast and Reliable Internet connections
Complete 100% privacy guaranteed while on-line
Free Internet guidance at no extra cost
Regular checking and informing our members if any message for them through E-mail has arrived
Internet consultancy and connection services
Assembling computers for Home based PC at the Fantastic price of Rs 25,000 (with sound and Video cards included)
And much more...at the lowest cost of Re. 1/- per minute
For Members special pay of only Rs 50/- per hour & Rs/- 500 per   year,  the lowest in Madurai
Contact us for free consultation at: 
Hotel Annapoorna Complex,  
Near Anna Bus Stand,  
Aravind Eye Hospital Road.  
Tel: 532173 & 522029.  
E-mail:  selvas@vsnl.com
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