Doppler Scans , the first colour Doppler Ultrasound Scan Centre of Madurai city  was established  in the year 1991 with Vingmed CFM 700 colour Doppler Ultrasound Scanner Unit.Now the centre  has grown and diversified wider in the Medical Diagnostics.The centre is equipped  with state of the art colour Doppler system like Toshiba 140 . All varieties of Diagnostic  Ultrasound scans are done.The centre is headed  by Dr.S.Manohar M.D. D.M.R.D, who has  years of experience in the field of Ultrasonography.He is ably assisted by  a team of doctors and cardiologist.Abdominal scans, Obstetric scans, Vascular Doppler studies, Echo cardiograms and Ultrasound  guided  interventional procedures are done as a routine.    

                             The centre has now diversified and included the following  into the basic Diagnostic Ultrasound.    



                               Doppler scan is the first concern in Madurai to install the color Doppler Ultrasound  in 1991. Now the centre is equiped with state of the art equipments for cardiac Doppler and for General  Radiology.   
                            Experienced Doctors operating the equipment is the plus point for improved Diagnostic Accuracy.Most of the  Diagnostic Ultrasound investigations are undertaken with Vingmed CFM 700 Cardiac Color Doppler. 

Toshiba 140 A General Radiology Color Doppler Fukuda 4500 OB & GYN equipment.

X - Ray Diagnosis :    

                 The unit is WIPRO GE 500 MA one of the most powerful  X - Ray systems available at Madurai. All kinds of  plain  X - Ray and special  contrast investigations are done with Conventional Flouroscopy.Fully Motorised table operation eases patient comfort.    

Biochemistry Lab :     

               A full fledged Lab with Computerised  Auto Analyser RA - 50 and other gadgets. More than 100 parameters can be analysed and reported.    

Computerized ECG :    

                12 channel Hewlett - Packard  ECG equipment with auto interpretation provides the patient with the report as the ECG is taken.    


              First of its kind in Madurai  provides infertile  couples  with option  of  storing husband's Semen  and retrieving and  using  whenever  necessary. Also provides Donor Semen for needy infertile couple.