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The company was established in the year 1994 by name Lucifer 2000 - AR. The name of the company was changed to INDIAN AUTO SERVICE in the year 1998. INDIAN AUTO SERVICE is a Sole Proprietor concern .The Proprietor of INDIAN AUTO SERVICE is an  Automobile Radiator Trader since 1983 and he became a Radiator Manufacturer since 1988. He used to Travel Regularly  for his business purpose .In one such Travel at night time between Madras (Now called Chennai, capital of Tamilnadu state in India) and Madurai (a district in Tamilnadu in India) his vehicle met with an accident head-on with opposite vehicle. The accident was mainly due to glaring of opposite vehicle's Head lights , he escaped with  Injuries.The idea of devicing a automatic head light dippers was given birth, after the above incident. After struggling hard for one year in design & development , the product was successfully completed in the year 1994. On the feedback and suggestions received from the users the device was modified and the advanced version was launched in the year 1995  and a record Indian Rupees 33,00,000 (Rs 33 lakhs ) turnover was achieved in that year. Government Transport Corporations (Which operates bus services on the whole of Tamilnadu state) placed orders for the devices and the devices performed successfully and certificate was given in the honour of  the devices. The confident and the success of the devices assured the proprietor SBS. Azeemudin to launch his product globally in a big way.

Sole Proprietor
SBS. Azeemudin (B.A) Psychology Graduate was born in 1964, Married in 1986 to Mrs. Fazeelath Fathima , is father of two sons  SAS. Azherruddin aged 12 years and SAS. Zahuroddin aged 7 years. Even today ,His father Janab Shaik Badruddin Saheb's love , affection and support both physically and financially were the main pillars of his organisations. 
I SBS . Azeemudin thankfully dedicate this device to my Father
Janab Shaik Badruddin Saheb, L.E.E
Retired Assistant Divisional Engineer
Tamilnadu State Electricity Board
Ex. Safety Engineer Petromine Shell, Saudi Arabia
And to my mother  Mrs. Mehboob Jan.
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