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Anti Glare Device ( in simple terms Automatic Head Light Dimmer)  can be fitted in any type of vehicle.This device was successfully tested and accepted by the State Government of Tamil Nadu - Transport Corporations.

Sailent Features
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This Device is Dedicated to my parents
                                                     - SBS . Azeemuddin
Anti Glare Device is a safety accessary which automatically shifts the head lights position according to the existing lighted atmosphere.As the title implies the system automatically avoids glaring from the opposite vehicles thus provides clearer and safer drive at night. Sailent Features of  Anti Glare Device are given below.
Triple Mode On/Off Function
                    * First mode allows the driver to operate dim/dip action mechanically and manually as usual.
                    * Second mode is designed to operate also manually but with electronic controls with the provided soft touch micro switch ( where wear and tear is less as well as operation the switch is so easy).
                    * Selecting the third mode enable the system to operate fully automatic and hence the driver can alomost forget about the dim/dip action thus ensuring safe and pleasant travel.

Sub Selector Mode:( City / Hi-Way)
                    * While at automatic mode driver has to select either city or highway according to the road conditions. i.e., in city selector ( 'C' appear on the display ) the system triggers into action ( if any light from the opposite vehicle ) and is kept constant till opposite vehicle passes.
                    * In Hi - way mode ( 'H' appear on the display ) if opposite vehicles's light appear the system  is triggered to operate flickering at a frequency of every 3 seconds if no vehicle's light is detected the system remains in the bright position.

Over Ride Action
                    In case of over riding ( 'O' appears on the display ) the vehicles the driver has to touch the switch ( soft touch micro switch ) thus the head lights triggers to start to flickers at high frequency and successive moment of pressing the switch will stop the system after over-ride.

Over Ride Alerter
                    At the time of over-riding the vehicles in order to alert the driver a warning beeper alarm is produced till the completion of over riding.

Range Tuner
                    The driver can select the tuner according to his convenience to activate the dim/dip action in terms of distance beetween the approching vehicles within 50 to 100 metres approximately.

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Working Of the Device
Sensing the opposite vehicles bright head lights automatically makes our vehicles bright lights DIP - but for few seconds only - afterwards the device will makes our lights to start flickering, asking for response from the opposite vehicles. Immediately after the crossing of the opposite vehicles the lights will come to bright position automatically. This function will be repeated to all the vehicles comming in the opposite direction.
                           By Flickering the head lights, opposite vehicles area and road gap will be clearly visible to us and vice-versa. Defenitely by giving flickering too to have a better road clearly - resulting in smooth and happy driving pleasure for drivers and 0% risk of accidents.
City driving
        At the time of continous flow of traffic in highways and in cities the driver can opt for a switch ( Provided in the device) which will automatically  make our head lights in to dimmer position for a pleasant and healthier driving habit.
Prevent Accident
        Those Vehicles fitted with Anti Glare Device are 100% out of the risk of accidents, because by giving flickering signal our vehicle area and road gap will be cleared to the opposite vehicles for a clear road negoations.
Over Taking
        Finally at the time of over taking the driver can simply touch the switch ( provided) and the device will make our head lights to start flickering with high frequently, asking for road clearing for overtaking - the result is that the driver can negotiate the overtaking distance with his two hands on the steering wheels with total concentration on the road.

                           In the  present system the driver required to control the steering with his one hand and the other hand is required to operate the DIM/DIPPER switch to make the head to tatally eleminated by providing the vehicle with our device which will give the driver a very happy and pleasent experience of driving and total safety to the vehicles and to the travelling passengers.

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