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Inside the Museum
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The Gandhi Memorial Museum is meant to be a living  Institutions and not merely a building  preserving and showing exhibits, however precious. It seeks to help an ever increasing number of people particularly the youth of the country to understand and to value the life, work and teachings of Gandhiji.   

The Picture Gallery presents a visual biography of Gandhiji. It contains photos, paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, quotations, and some original articles used by Gandhiji (Relics and replicas). What you see in this Museum may broadly be divided into the following sections:  

Special Exhibition on "India Fights for Freedom" with 265 illustrations, depicting the history of the Freedom Movement, greets you first.   

Then follows the exhibition of the choice specimens of Handicrafts donated by the States of Tamilnadu, Mysore, Andhra and Kerala. This leads to the Pictorial Gallery, depicting a visual biography of Gandhiji by means of photographs, quotations, paintings etc. and some of the selected photostat copies of many of Gandhiji's letters.   

Then you enter "The Hall of Relecs" where some of Gandhiji's personal belongings (originals and replicas) are preserved. Lastly, the Khadi and Village Industries Section in the ground floor of the buildings, where you come across the Exhibits of some of the Village Industries, which Gandhiji revived. A Sales Counter offers you select varieties of Khadi, Village Industries Products, Handicraft articles and Sarvodaya Literature.  There is an annexe to this Unit, wherein the production activities of Khadi Spinning and Weaving are demonstrated.   

To the south of the building, you will see a big open-air theatre with a capacity of accommodate about 8,000 people. Cultural programmes, weekly film shows and public meetings on special occasions are held in this theatre.In front of main building, a little towards south, you will find the  "Gandhi Kudir"- a replica of Gandhiji's hut in Sevagram. The northern wing of this building, houses the library, which  contains books giving the cultural background of India, books on and by Gandhiji and allied literatures. There are about 18,000 volumes in the Library. Photostat copies of about 27,000 letters of Gandhiji and 62 reels of Micro-films are the very important and valuable part of the collections in the library.   

Five study alcoves have been provided in the first floor of the Library for Research Scholars. Readers Forum and Book Review Meetings, are held periodically in the Library. The Research section Hostel unit consists of ten fully furnished rooms with a Meeting Hall.