Sodium Silicate  

Refractories and Foundaries : 

Alkaline silicate has water repellant properties and imparts greater plasticity and higher green strength by air setting without heat and therefore used as a binder in foundaries in core making, refracory mortar for ramming, gunning and patching and in cement concrete constuctions industries and maintenance.
Detergents and Soap industries : 
It is used in manufacture of household and industrial detergents and soaps. It is environment friendly and non-polluting and therefore a preferred substitute in detergent formulations replacing Tri Sodium Phosphate, Tri poly phosphate etc. Release of Silica in colloidal stages adds to anto redeposit of dust in detergents and working as an ion exchanger, it effectively combats hard water. In soap industries it is used as a binder cum filler and cost reducing agent.
Paper and Oil Drilling Industries : 
Being a strong oil emulsfier, its ability to remove oil and grease strains makes sodium silicate an ideal degreasing agent in Oil Drilling Industries. 
Neutral Grade Sodium Silicate is used as core binder and alkaline grade Sodium Silicate is used as a Coagulent in Paper Manufacturing industries.

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