In Particular is to concentrate on an integrated awareness development, specially on visually disabled, orthopeadically handicapped, hearing impaired and dumb people for their education, technical training and employment opportunities.
In General: 
To Propagate the idea that every one is equal in all respects, in the presence of God., the Almighty, propagate Love, Charity, Divinity among people and to propagate the idea of "Godliness" and to work hard for that purpose, propagate the awareness about leprosy.
To work hard the people to create social Integrity, help every Indian citizens to have equal right and equal opportunity and help widows, Exparilies by their husbands, old people and orphans by various necessary ways. 
To create awareness about the threaded disease of "Aids" among society, create awareness about freedom, equality and brother-hood among our people.
To take proper and necessary action about environment through local people in co-operation with Govt. agencies.
To improve and uplift our great mother India in all respects in honest ways and to work hard to improve our educational standards.
To give proper advises to get employment, give medical help to the society, give proper and methodical education for women.
To prepare the cassettes, pamphlets, booklets and books for the purpose of education and spiritual, prepare the radio and television programs for the needless in the society and to serve the people of India to live without any disease and all profit.
NASC Technical Education Centre
        The NASC technical education Centre has been doing wonderful job in reducing unemployment problem by way of encouraging self-employment services. The following courses are conducted at this centre. 
                Three types of Govt. recognised training are given. The tranings are recognised by Dept. of Employment & Training, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai & Director General for the Employment and Training, National Counselling for the Vocational Training, New Delhi - Telephone Operator short time period Training course recognised by Govt. of Tamil Nadu and one year Diploma course in Electronics, Elecricals and A.C/Refrigeration Mechanism are also being taught at this Centre. 
               Several new training courses are planned to be introduces in this year Summer Special Training Classes and in the next academic year, we have planned to expand this Technical Training Centres to Sivaganga & Devakottai also. 
The training for visually disabled and orthopaedically handicapped are provided free.
Office Bearers
President Mrs. M. Radha Rukhmani.  
RMO, "Upahar - Madurai."
St Mary's Higher Secondary School, Madurai-625 001.
Sri.S.Nadi. M.A, B.Lit, F.c.c., T.C.T.O   
Telephone Operator, Canara bank, Regional Office,   
Madurai - 625001.
Joint Secretary Sri V. Ramkumar.   
K.L.N. Polytechnic, Madurai - 625009.
Treasurer Sri.V.Raja Sekar. T.C.T.O,   
Director, N.A.S.C.Technical Education centre. Madurai - 625 020
"Manavarosai" is a tamil monthly published since November 1997 centering around the real requirements of students community. Articles and literary contributions from students are only published, to nurture the young talents.
Apart from Manvarosai, phamplets containing awareness materials on leprosy eradication, AIDS, gender bias, communal harmony etc. are distributed among people now and then.
Participate in serving the needful

 You can also join with us in our noble efforts your might whatever it may be. Government has given us the previlage of offering the eligibility for 50% tax relief on all donations to us, vide section 80G of Income Tax Act of India.

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