Goals Achieved:

Cent present fulfilment of social obligation:

All the 1230 villages coming under Madurai SSA enjoy the privilege of panchayat telephones

Dialling completes a full circle:-
    Inter dialling/Group dialling provided in the whole of SSA besides regional dialling ("90)

STD facility poised for cent percent coverage:-

  All the 109 stations of this SSA are brought on STD Network which works out to 100%

Ambitious capacity expansion & modernisation:-
  Capacity of all exchanges under this SSA increased to 1,52,516 amounting to an increase
       of  41.59% over the previous year.

  Subscriber's strength goes up by 31,234 during this year, an increase of 33.39% over the
     previous  year.

  Landmark achievement of 1 lakh connections on 19.9.97.

Everything on finger tips, ending manual work:-

  Commercial Services computerized with on-line registration for NPCs

  FRS and DQ computerised in all SDCC centres.


  Planned for additional capacity of 12 K in Urban and 24 K in Rural

  Strowger Exchanges to be phased out in toto by June 98.

   Installion of CTMX is under way.

  Option for commissioning of new exchanges kept open.

  Replacement of open wire and cable PCM by OFC and digital Micro wave both in Urban and
        Rural under progress.