Come and be a part of the Technological Revolution
Internet Carnival 2000
The Carnival:
     The Internet Users Community of India (IUCI) - Madurai Chapter will be 
hosting once again a Mega Internet Carnival in the Temple City. IUCI Madurai 
chapter takes pride in hosting such a carnival for the successive second 
year.  This carnival will be an Internet only carnival where all the 
Internet related activities will take place under one roof. This will be a 
technological extravaganza where the general public will be exposed to the 
advanced Internet activities.
Theme and Objective:
     The theme of this Carnival is INTERNET FOR EVERYONE. This carnival is aimed 
to attract the entire cross-section of the general public, namely the 
Business community, the professionals, the students, kids and housewives. 
This carnival apart from providing guidelines on the Internet usage will 
also aim at enhancing the surfing experience, providing quick tips and bring 
the Internet related products under one roof to pick and choose for themselves. 
The Programme:
     The carnival will have cyber exhibition and internet related discussion 
sessions going on simultaneously.  The cyber exhibition will have stalls 
which will focus on Internet related products, Internet Service Providers, 
technical expertise on Internet related business like web hosting, web 
designing, e-commerce, Internet related education and entertainment. There 
will be a continuous, formal discussion sessions with live demonstrations, 
running for an hours duration, going on simultaneously, on broad categories 
like Education, Entertainment and Business.  These sessions will highlight 
the current Internet trends in the Internet based Education, Entertainment, 
Electronic Commerce, General Awareness etc. These sessions will be handled 
by experts in these subjects. Apart from these sessions and stalls, there 
will be also a Cyber-café, free of charge, for the visitors to experience 
the thrill of surfing the net. 
Date and Venue:
     The carnival will be held on 12 & 13th of February.   The Cyber exhibition 
will be open throughout the two days.  There will be seven technical 
sessions on 12th and eight technical sessions on 13th. 
Carnival Highlights:
  Free cyber cafe 
  Technical Sessions for 
  Internet related stalls 
  Technical Advice 
  All the Internet related products and services under one roof 

Venue:  Pandyan Hotel