Plot No : 6, Samadhana Nagar, New Vilangudi, Madurai - 625 018

Reg No : 171/1992
Introduction :
                                  PRAISE THE LORD TRUST, for the Propaganda of the Gospel of Christ ( The Truth of the Bible) in India and for the Welfare of the Disabled in India. This Religious Charitable Trust created and executed on the Fifth day of February 1992. The first Board of this Trust shall have three Honorary members. Rev. S. A. John Sundaram, M.A., M.Div. shall be the President and Founder of the Trust.
                                  Mrs. Jeya Sundaram shall hold the Office of the Secretary cum Treasurer. In future Mr. J. Cerullo Singh shall hold the Office of the Secretary.
The Objects Of The Trust :
The Gospel ( The Truth of the Bible ) shall be propaganda in India.
The Social Service to uplift of the disabled people in India.
Mercy Home ( KARUNAI  ILLAM ) for the disabled and aged people whom are    forsaken by their children in India.
The Church building to be finished which is in unfinished condition.
Please pray and sponsor to seven Children's Educational needs $1500/- urgently.
What The Trust Is Doing ?
    Now 10 aged and forsaken (old) people are in Protection. They need a Community hall and Residence Home in a separate house. Now they are residing in a rented house. A land should be purchased soon 10 cents land needs Indian Rupees 10 Lakhs.
The Names Of The Aged People Are :
    1.  Arulammal.
    2.  Vethamary.
    3.  Pushpathai.
    4.  Ruthammal.
    5.  Gnanamuthu.
    6.  Neelamegam.
    7.  Lakshmanathever.
    8.  Ranjitham.
    9.  Philliph.
  10. Jeyakodi.   and other 10 leprosies.

      Now the Trust is unable to feed them. Sufficient Money is needed to spend for to give good food with Lodging and Medical helps. Every month the Trust needs US.$.2500/- , per year US.$.25000/-.

The Unfinished Church Buliding :

     The Trust was enforced by the New converts to construct a church building at this village of Madurai. Many Hindu converts wants to worship the Holy God in a church. There is no other churches at this location. So the Trust constructed one Church building to the surface of 44 x 24 Feet and the Community Hall 44 x 12 feet. The estimate of the construction is 4.5 Lakhs of Indian Rupees. The church building reached to the centring level. It needs more money to finish the building to the Glory of God.

Whom so Ever May Concern :

   The Trust President is leading a Tamil Monthly Journal called EN NESARIN SATTHAM (  The Voice of My Beloved. ). To the Glory of God, the journal should be printed and published regularly without break. This Literature ministry needs $1000/- monthly.

Future Proposals :
     The trust planned to promote the disabled DALITS in their Education and social uplift at the slum areas. The trust shall hold the Mercy Homes for the Orphans. Please pray for these future projects in India.
The Order Of The Government Of India :
      No. II / 21022 / 67(86) / 92. FCRA - III. GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS,NEW DELHI. 28-Jan-1994.

       How ever your association can receive Foreign contribution after obtaining prior permission of the Central Government under Section 6 (1A) of the said act 1976. By, Deputy Secretary to the Government of India.

Contribution May Be Addressed To :
                                                           Rev. S. A. JOHN SUNDARAM, M.A., M.DIV.,
                                                           PLOT NO. 6, SAMADHANA NAGAR,
                                                           NEW VILANGUDI,
                                                           MADURAI   625 018,

                                                           Phone:  661663   Code:  0452.
                                                           Email :