(Society for Environmental Promotion and Educate Morality)
SEPEM is registered VOLUNTARY SOCIAL SERVICE ORGANISATION purely dedicated service for the well being of the Nation especially for health reasons.

__ Sepem Counselling Centre__
                Main  objective of this is to eradicate AIDS from the World Wide. Our Society should be free from AIDS. Our motive that the efficiency of our Indian Medicine should reach every nook and corner of the world  and the entire suffering mass should be benefited. The Counselling is aiming to treat the Aids/HIV positive Male and Female patients. We have achieved good progress of recovery by way of administering good Siddha medicines on the patients. There is a mass attendance for the treatment of such evil disease here. We are formulating programme  to visit in the nearby villages and to propagate the evils of the AIDS. 
Treatment For AIDS
__ STD Camp and Examined the Patient__
                  Since 1986 our team of Doctors headed by M/s R.S.Munusamy Naidu and K.Rengaraj have undertaken research on  AIDS  and treating  AIDS patients with effective and positive medicines prepared by more and experienced and  skilful Doctors.  We prepare medicines from effective valuable Siddha ingredients. We are not able to supply medicines free of cost for want of Funds. The cost of medicines and  procurement of ingredients are high. However we are charging for medicine at Lower Cost.  
                     Treatment is being given to those patients who voluntarily come forward in person with all Laboratory Findings. In case of those who are not able to appear before us in person, medicines are being sent through Post  or other means of communication with detailed instructions.
     Future Planning

Society for Environmental promotion & Educate Morality.
(Voluntary Social Service Organisation)
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