Future Planning

Specific Objectives 
* Prevention of AIDS to reduce Morbidity rate and Mortality rate. 

Free Service 
* Identified  HIV  Patients with Laboratory findings and give treatment through Siddha Indian  medicines.  
* To give awareness among the public through mass cultural education programmes, propaganda  and distributing     pamphlets and posters.  
* To give proper training to all Target Groups.  
For Conducting STD Clinic and arrange treatment.  
* To identify WIP (Women in prostitution) to give counselling and for giving proper medical  check up. 
* To distribute Condoms. 
* To arrange camp STD and general camp. To take Blood smear and HIV exmanations/those  who are  suspecting Aids are.

Future Planning &  
Long Term Objectives 
*  Proposed to construct a RESIDENTIAL HOME FOR treatment HIV/Aids patients. Proposed to establish  a  REHABILITATION Centre in good Environmental conditions.   
* The I.C.M.R. ( Indian Council of Medical Research)  NewDelhi, experts have recommended  for  research and Grants. The 12th World Aids Conference, Genera have accepted the Poster presentation in their  letter dated 1998-04-07. The Poster No; is 22213
__Dr.Rengaraj receiving award for AIDS awarness Programme__
Photo Gallery
Inauguration of the Centre 
Supervising the Herbal Garden 
Certificate to Mr.Rengaraj from Lions Club of Peraiyur Sandal City 
Certificate from L.Sundararajan (District Governor) 
Receiving award for AIDS Camp
__ Award for AIDS Awarness and Herbal Treatment __

* There is an imperative need of Funds to undertake this task effectively. Therefore, we require   financial assistance from the Well wishers, Funding Agency and Donors from India and Abroad. Hope that they would give their financial   assistance in this regard. Voluntary donations will graciously be accepted. 

Communications if any in this matter may kindly be made to the following address:-
Society for Environmental promotion & Educate Morality.
(Voluntary Social Service Organisation)
1-1-/82, Usilai Road, Peraiyur Madurai Dt. Tamil Nadu, S.India.
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