Samanar Hills

Samanar Hills

Keelakuyilkudi Village, Sholavandan NHMadurai -  625001

Entry Fees: No entry fee

Type: Landmark

Suitable for:All

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Timings: All days of the week 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Samanar Hills is a unique spot in Madurai. There are many sculptures here of Mahavira, Gomateshwara, Yakshi and Yaksha. A great spot for a fun-filled picnic, complete with a lesson in history.
In the foothills, there is a Karuppanasamy temple and lotus pond.Some idols made by Jain monks are in Karuppanasamy temple.
The inscriptions reveal that hundreds of Jain monks took sallekena there. There are flat rocks, called stone beds, used by the monks to take rest

This mountain in the village is very peaceful and it is an ideal spot for meditation. Numerous of Carvings and sculptures were left by the Jain traders and Jain priests still worship here

Archeologists find this place enthralling.Archaeologists have also found 2000-year-old Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions and Vatteluttu writings. Samanar hill is a sheltered nationalized monumental and is a famous place for the tourists and the local villagers also find this place very holy.

Activities to do:
  • Photo Fanatics
  • Pechchi Pallam
  • Experience Seekers
  • Sight seeing of Natural fountain
  • Spot for medidation

Location Map:

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