Suruthi Fabricss, in the Process of becoming pioneers in the field of textiles, produces Cotton Grey Fabric. The promoter of Suruthi Fabricss has a very strong business background which is evident from his experience in the field of agriculture establishing a nation-wide network for over 50 years.          

      Suruthi Fabricss, in its first step towards achieving its ambitions, is presently accepting orders between 5,000 to 1,00,000 metres of Cotton Grey Fabric as per the Buyer's requirements. We are specialised in special construction samples given by buyer .We can make alterations in Warp and Weft ends per inch and Picks per inch in any weave in the samples and produce samples for specific applications like Jacket, Shirting, Trousers.

      We manufacture Cotton Grey Fabric required for manufacturing curtains, suiting & shirting. The availability of the range of product is Drill, Plain, Satin & Twill. The quality of the product very well satisfies export requirements. Suruthi assures timely delivery with a blend of competitive price and quality.