Golden Lotus Tank (Potramai Kulam)

  The area of this tank is 1 acre. It's length is 240' and breadth 165'. The salient feature of this tank is that it is older than the temple. It is said that the "Moola Lingam" was found in this tank by Dhananjaya. Statues of Dhananjeya and Kulasekara Pandiya are carved on the pillar in the northern side of the tank. Since, the Petals of the Lotus Flowers in the tank appeared  gold, this tank was named as "Potramarai Kulam" (which means Golden Lotus Tank). 
                      The Most notable feature of this tank is that fishes and frogs are not seen in this tank. This tank has very main role in promoting tamil scholars. The Greatest Composition in Tamil - "Thirukkural" by Thiruvalluvar was released on this corridor of this Tank. 1330 kurals are inscribed on the white marbles in the southern side of this tank. In those days, Tamil scholars used to throw their poetic works into this tank. It was believed that if they float in water, they were good ones and were accepted by "SangaPalakai"
                     Statues of tamil scholars belonging to the last tamil 'Sangam' are carved in the pillars situated in the southern side of the tank. To the south-west corner of the tank is the "Sevantheeswarar Temple". It is a Shiva temple built in the 16th century. Standing at this spot, one can have the beautiful look of all the towers of Meenakshi Amman Temple.