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Our Travels office started on 2002 with only one Vehicle. With our customer support, honesty and truthfulness of our work, now we are having 17 numbers of own vehicles and forty(40) number of people working under this concern. We are having very experienced, disciplined, Hindi and English languages known drivers. All our vehicles are well maintained Tourist taxi vehicles. Our office is located in the heart of city and just opposite to the Railway junction.

Mr.Habib, is our office Tour booking manager.
Mr.Pushpavanam, is our Vehicle maintenance manager.

Honesty, Truth and Work is Our Motto & Customer service is only our Fruitful.

      ABOUT ME:

I am VSV.Mani, Proprietor of this concern; I have completed My engineering degree in Madurai Kamaraj University. For my professional degree many of the IT companies are ready to give me job. But forty families are running on behalf of (me) this concern. So by not choosing IT profession, I am proud to run this business with full satisfaction. I am doing this business very well with Madurai Meenakshi Ammans Blessings.
The Twin Meenakshi Amman Temple is regarded as one of the largest and the biggest temples in India. Built in the 17th century one part of it is dedicated to Lord Shiva as Sundareswara or the Lord of beauty. The other sanctuaries is dedicated to Meenakshi, the wife of Shiva. Meenakshi is seen holding a parrot and a bouquet in her hand. The original temple created by Kulasekara Pandyan in the early years was in ruins. The present temple was reconstructed in the early 17th century by Tirumala Nayak. The temple is surrounded by Aadi, Chittiraj and the Massi streets.