An Invitation
Dear Friend,
We are glad to extend this invitation to philanthropists like you  to join us in the noble and holy task of preservation of our heritage and culture (Sanathana Dharma) by renovation of old temples. The entire creation with its splenderous manifestation was worshipped by great sages who could understand the Omnipresence of God by yagas and yagnas. But, for want of adequate competence it is not given to common man to preceive the Omnipresence of God. So the sages have given him Temples.

In this sacred land, there is no village without a Temple. In these villages, temples also serve as centres of social life. It is a well known fact that millions and millions of people derive great pleasure and peace of mind by worshipping the Lord in His idol forms kept in these temples.

About Sri Santhana Gopala Krishnaswamy  Temple, Sholavandhan
There is one such ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna with His consorts Rukmini & Sathyabhama (Rukmini Sathyabhama Sametha Sri Santhana Gopala Krishnaswamy) on the banks of the holy river Vaigai in Sholavandan, a village in Madurai District, Tamil Nadu State of India. In this temple complex there are temples dedicated to "Sri Hanuman" & "Shri Ganesa" also.  There is one "Brindavanam" of "Poojyasri Raghavendra Swami" also in this complex. This temple is more than 300 years old. As no renovation work has been performed in this temple for nearly 100 years, this temple needs full scale renovation urgently.
Renovation Work in progress 
(Renovation Work in progress)
Renovation & Blessings 
We, the residents of this small village, have formed this Trust for this purpose and have started the work of renovation. H.H.Ramanuja Jeer Swami of the ancient Vanamamalai Mutt is guiding us in this great task (please see "Shrimukham"). H.H. Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamigal (Shri Shankaracharya of Sringeri Mutt) visited the temple site and has blessed our efforts.
We are looking forward to philanthropists like you for your generous financial assitance.
We are strong believers of the famous adage "Little drops of water can make the Mighty Ocean"
So you are welcome to contribute anything you can.
(You can have your name or anyother name you suggest incribed permanently on stone in this temple if your contribution exceeds $250/-.)
On receiving your contribution we shall arrange for special poojas and prayers for the welfare of yourself and your family and send you the "Prasadam" along with the printed receipt.

"May Bhagawan Sri Santhana Gopala Krishna Swami's blessings be showered on you and your family".
Looking forward to your kind early favourable respose.
Thanking you
Yours Sincerely
Residents and Trustees
Please send your contributions in favour of
and forward to the Address of Treasurer
(Our Bank account No. is 18445 in Canara Bank, Sholavandan Branch, Tamil Nadu, India)
Commander L.R.Jeyaraman B.A.,  
Indian Navy (Retd.)  
5, Single Street Agraharam,  
Sholavandan 625 214  India 
Tel : +91- 4543 - 58008
E. Balasubramanian M.A., M.Ed.,  
Retd. Headmaster,  
23, Double Street,  
Sholavandan 625 214  India 
Tel : +91- 4543 - 58189
S. Sethuratnam B.E. (Chem.)  
1, Double Street,  
Sholavandan 625 214  India 
Tel : +91- 4543 - 58267
G. Srinivasan || G. Padmanaban || S. Kasiviswanathan B.A., || A.N.Jeyaraman || R. Kaleeswaran ||  K. Sethuvenkataraman

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